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Ukraine Grain Flows to Port Freeze Up After Russia’s Provocation

01. 11. 22

Ukraine Grain Flows to Port Freeze Up After Russia’s Provocation

“Deliveries of Ukrainian crops to ports are grinding to a halt, as the agricultural sector becomes more circumspect in the face of further Russian disruption”, – stressed UCAB General Director Roman Slaston in a comment for Bloomberg.
The standstill comes after Russia over the weekend said it would no longer support the Ukraine crop-export deal that was agreed in July, and has revived the country’s seaborne trade. Grain vessels are still sailing from the country on Monday, but it’s uncertain how long that will last, with a Kremlin spokesman warning further shipments will be “much riskier.”
“The industry wants to verify that ships can continue to move and routes remain protected. Farmers can deliver grain for export over the border with the European Union, although the routes are longer and costlier”, – stated Kateryna Rybachenko, Vice-President of UCAB and Member of Supervisory board of Agro Region.
“Ukraine doesn’t have a clear situation and a clear view what will happen in the next days. The grain operators and the grain port-terminal operators see this uncertainty. The flow of grain to the seaports – it’s slowed down definitely”, – Roman Slaston.

Bloomberg, by Megan Durisin

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