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Railway logistics

The company Agro-Region has three elevators with railway infrastructure. The access tracks of the elevators are adjacent to the railway stations of the South-Western Railway: Boryspol, Zavorychi, and Myropil

Leading logistics specialist in railway transportation

Mykola Muraviov

Logistics is one of the key links that connects grain production and trading. The effective performance of logistics in coordination with the production team and commercial department determines the efficient operation of elevators and the timely execution of trading contracts. 'Amateurs discuss tactics, professionals study logistics

  • Mykola Muraviov
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Elevator Infrastructure

The railway infrastructure of the elevators allows for loading grains into various types of railway rolling stock: grain hoppers, gondola cars, and containers. Elevators located near the stations of Boryspil and Miropil have the capability to unload grain from scheduled trains

Loading Speed

The elevator near Boryspil station has a loading front of 20 wagons, with a loading speed of up to 30 wagons per day. The elevator near Zavorychi station has a loading front of 26 wagons, with a loading speed of up to 20 wagons per day. The elevator near Myropil station has a loading front of 14 wagons, with a loading speed of up to 30 wagons per day.


Agro-Region company operates its own fleet of grain wagons and provides transportation and forwarding services for unloading grain by rail throughout Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania to the ports of Galati and Constanta. This service covers both elevators owned by the Agro-Region Group of companies and external elevators using private grain wagons and wagons owned by Ukrainian Railways (UTC)

Transport Logistics

Відділ автомобільних перевезень є одним з основних допоміжних підрозділів Групи компаній Агро-Регіон, яка здійснює логістичну функцію в торговій діяльності компанії.

Leading logistics specialist in road transportation.

Krystyna Hulyda

At Agro-Region, it is comfortable to work with determined and responsible individuals who achieve their goals despite obstacles.

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  • Krystyna Hulyda
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Fleet of vehicles

Our own fleet ensures maneuverability, independence, and promptness in providing transportation services for grain and oilseed crops. The company’s material base currently includes:
-19 tractor units: DAF XF 480 FT and IVECO – Euro 6
– 14 MEGA dump semi-trailers with a volume of 55m3 each
– 5 tarpaulin-covered semi-trailers with a volume of 86m3 each
– 1 tanker semi-trailer

GPS monitoring:

The technical maintenance of our own fleet is carried out by a team of qualified professionals. All vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring systems to track their movement geography


Our own grain trucks and contracted transport provide the company with the ability to transport our own products and offer transportation services for agricultural produce and other goods. The department of automotive transportation ensures:

-Transporting our own harvest from fields to storage facilities and elevators
-Transport within Ukraine (ports, factories, manufacturers) from elevators
-International freight transportation: exports from Ukraine and imports from European countries
-Supply logistics