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Work with us

Agro-Region is a place where everyone can fulfill their ambitions and professional potential. We believe in achieving results through people, so we have created a working environment with a high level of trust, transparency, and high standards of conduct.

Unity and teamwork

The combined efforts of the team, synergy, and thoughtful positioning enable us to achieve the best results. By personal example, we demonstrate that we take full responsibility for the quality of the produce and conscientious work in accordance with the law and the Corporate Code of Ethics.

Competitive advantages

Agro-Region not only provides a job but also promotes the personal and professional growth of our employees. We strive for transparency in management and interaction across all levels of the company. Each employee is an important link in our team, and their opinion matters. Respecting diversity and recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we have created an environment in which everyone can feel like a part of a successful team.

Engagement of Youth

We believe in the power of innovation and fresh ideas brought by the youth, therefore, we regularly collaborate with educational institutions, engage students in internships and traineeships with the possibility of future employment.


Agro-Region offers competitive working conditions, ensuring safety and decent living conditions.