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Agro-Region has established close cooperation with beekeepers

10. 07. 24


In the Agro-Region Group of Companies, beekeepers specializing in pollination are hired.


This was noted by chief agronomist Yurii Lysak.


“On sunflower hybridization plots, to obtain a high-quality product, one of the requirements from the seed-producing company is pollination by bees. Agro-Region, adhering to recommended agricultural practices, hires beekeepers who specialize in pollination. For the pollination of one hectare, four bee colonies are required, so for a hybridization plot of 160 hectares, we have engaged 640 bee colonies,” he added in a comment to


The Agro-Region Group of Companies has also established communication with beekeepers who bring their hives to Agro-Region fields.


In addition to strictly adhering to the obligations prescribed in the order of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, and Agriculture of Ukraine dated February 19, 2021, No. 338 regarding the advance notification of local government bodies about the use of plant protection products (PPP) within communities, Agro-Region takes additional measures. These include informing beekeepers through messaging apps, social networks, directly informing those who place hives near the fields, and posting notices.


Yurii Lysak adds that with timely notification and the use of PPPs that are safe for bees when all regulations are followed, avoiding counterfeits, and not conducting treatments during daylight hours or blooming periods, there will be no harm to insects.


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